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  • About us


    Jinzhou Donggong Petrochemical Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, is located in an important industrial city in the economic circle around Bohai- Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, is a professional committed to the lubricating oil additives R & D, production and sales, and also provide comprehensive lubrication solutions and technical service enterprises.

    Since it established, Donggong petrochemical company has relied on domestic lubricant additives production base advantage, strengthened cooperation with scientific research institutions....

    Our advantages


    01 quality assurance

    On the basis of the original platform data products, continuous improvement, focus on customizing the features to provide the best lubrication solution.

    02 Easy delivery

    Stable and fast logistics, dual guarantee of capacity and quality.

    03 After-sale service

    Provide professional technical support throughout the course.

    04 Professional team

    With a number of scientific research institutions and colleges and universities, the introduction of independent research and development, with advanced testing equipment, and adhere to the combination of innovation and application.

    Technology and scheme


    Customized lubrication solutions

    Customized lubrication solutions

  • Customized lubrication solutions

    Combined with the scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, in order to achieve the continuous introduction of talents and improve t...

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